At the turn of the millennium, with our 35 years of combined experience on Wall Street – began to come to terms with the long-term dynamic changes that were, and presently are, taking place within the US Equity markets. Consequently, after intense fundamental and technical research and scrutiny of the markets over the last 100-years, we developed a Long-Term Investment Thesis which unequivocally changed their ongoing business plan, hence, lives forever.

Tuttle Asset Management, LLC (TAM) was born in mid-2004 to facilitate, accommodate and provide alternative investment strategies to experienced accredited investors that are not available within the traditional full-service brokerage environment.

Nonetheless, through their other company – Church Street Capital – we continue to run an extremely successful Discretionary Long-only Managed Equity Portfolio called the Growth Portfolio (GP). 


This portfolio outperformed its benchmark (S&P 500 Index) by 52% for its first 3-years. Along side the Growth Portfolio, they continue to offer all the traditional brokerage and financial planning services. In conjunction with their years of equity experience and the onset of tremendous economic and population growth in central Florida; John and Kevin are involved with Central Florida’s most prominent developers in many successful real estate ventures. As part of their Asset Management Diversification Theory, these relationships offer a unique opportunity to The Dellinger Fund and all of their High-Net Worth clientele.